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How it Works

Starting a Lemonmade Collection

Has someone asked you "hey, do you have merch?" and you said "ummm...." you've landed in the right place! 



The Brainstorm

You tell me your ideas for merch, whether it be based on your page, name, or audience, and I start up a few design sketches.

From there, you pick your favorite design(s) and what products you would like.


Picking a Package

You pick your LemonMerch package, wherein you will make decisions like how many products you would like and what percentage of commission and discount you'll receive.

Every package comes with a personal product page!



Page Setup

Your personal LemonMade merch page is built, including all of the products you've picked. This will be your shopping link to send out to friends and fans.

You can shop your personal page using your discount!


We handle the rest!

We will handle the orders from here - babysitting each one from confirmation to delivery. At the end of each week, you'll receive a payout of your commission and names of your buyers.

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